5 beach Human Destinations

You are in the office. The calendar says ‘April’, but the thermometer marks 28 Degrees: something is wrong. You tap the keyboard of your computer and you feel like you could faint at any moment. Every movement is slow. A sweat drop falls down your temple. You go out, walk to the bus stop and it seems like you have arrived at the Equator. It seems like every sunbeam has decided to hit only you.You catch the bus and you see a child who extends the hand to reach his slushy: you are caught by a memory of your childhood and you fall in trance..

  1. You remember an Orange Slushy (‘granita all’arancia’ in Italy) that you tasted with passion. Such a special slushy. As the one prepared by Raffaella of Piccola Sicilia, who can’t wait to make you discover her land and sea in Palermo. Vitality, color and welcoming are the ingredients that characterize this unique city. Food and wine tours and the clear waters of the Sicilian sea.
  2. You remember the smell of the sea that arrives from the coast. The same smell of the coast of San Giorgio di Gioiosa Marea in Messina. Aria e Profumi di Mare, where Nunzia and Gianni let you relax and feel as if you where at home. Aeolian Islands, the Etna, Tindari Sanctuary and all the Sicilian countryside will be presented to you by Gianni, while Nunzia will prepare all the delicious Sicilian specialities.
  3. Memories of the wind in the hair. That strong and stubborn Sardinian wind that you find at Sa domo e Maddalena in Bosa (Oristano), where Maddalena practices an ancient activity: barter. As the wind, always changeable, she exchanges hospitality and welcoming with goods and services. The beach is reachable by bike, but this Human Destination doesn’t offer only the seaside. Maddalena is ready to organize a little personalized itinerary according to your interests. Visits to Malaspina Castle and to the wonderful hills of Planargia.
  4. Memories of the sunset on the hills. On the top of that hill close to B&B Due Gatti in Pantelleria, with Giuliana and Toni during your evening walk. With them you can decide to relax, but only after one of the many excursions they can suggest you: naturalistic, cultural-historical, geophysical. They have created a guide book about Pantelleria to discover beaches, sports and cultural activities hidden to many.
  5. Memories of the waves of the sea, that unique sound. The same sound you hear before going to bed at Standard B&B of Angelo and Letizia in Civitanova Marche, close to the countryside of the Marche, all to be discovered with its villages, restaurants and wineries. With that sound that comes from the wonderful beaches of Riva del Conero you will smell the one of the coffee and the unique breakfasts prepared by Letizia.

Than a jolt. A bump. If you were swelling, now you feel like you have just had a shower.
You have missed your stop. The road is still long to arrive at home, but you already know what you will do after opening the door. Google…Loading…”Destinazione Umana”.

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Responsabile comunicazione

«Bisogna avere in sé il caos per partorire una stella danzante» sintetizza perfettamente la personalità di Federica: disordinata, alla perenne ricerca di un equilibrio (è pur sempre una bilancia, anche se atipica!), dotata di un’energia dirompente che trova nella creatività una valvola di sfogo perfetta. La sua sfida quotidiana è portare innovazione negli ambienti tradizionalmente più statici e lo fa coi suoi modi diretti e il suo cuore grande, e con questo stesso cuore si occupa della comunicazione di Destinazione Umana.