5 Human Destinations (in the South) to dive into culture

It’s Spring time, fresh air and shining sun. And when you talk about Spring, you think about Botticelli’s famous painting. This fresh air brings inspiration, curiosity and we want to present you those Human Destinations who can lead you to a total immersion into this infinitive cultural heritage. Culture and hospitality: these are the qualities that have characterized our essence. Italy is all to be discovered, through our Human Destinations..

1) Not far from Salerno, Pompei, Naples and the Vesuvio we find a woman, Antonella, who with her family has decided to open the doors of her house to everyone who want to live the authentic Costiera Amalfitana in all its magnificence. At Casale della Nonna you breath wind of change: you can discover the hands of the “Contadini volanti” by Flavia Amabile, the faces of the old women of the lemons and the ancient knowledge of the herbs and healing herbs of the Schola Medica Salernitana (Scuola Medica Salernitana). Il Casale is well connected with all the villages on the Coast and here you can find all the useful information to live in this charming fascinating land.
Il Casale della nonna 32) To discover the artistic and cultural beauties of Palermo and Sicily you can just go to meet Raffaella and her wonderful family at Piccola Sicilia. Here the doors are always open for all those travellers who want to know the true Palermo, discover the soul of this lively and multicultural city: colours, flavours, tastes, itineraries that will lead you to discover Sicily in all its most original and true aspects.

3) Jacurso da vivere e da imparare. Here we get the intention of Rosamaria to transmit knowledge and traditions to her guests. She is the creator of the project of sustainable tourism that, through the participation to guided tours and visits, makes you connect with the local community and transmits local traditions. Jacurso is a little village not far from Catanzaro and the guests of Rosamaria have the possibility to make a day trip with the anthropologist who will guide them to discover the rich traditions of Calabria.

4) Now we malbero_eliana_basilicata_1ove to Matera, where Eliana is ready to welcome you at Albero di Eliana with her alternative cultural tours. Immerse yourself in the fantastic atmosphere of Sassi di Matera. With Eliana you discover stories and emotions that characterize this city. Go to meet her to be overwhelmed by the warmth of hospitality.

5) And, last but not least, we find a bridge between Salento (Puglia) and Africa: Asko b&b, of Pierpaolo and Antonio. Together with them you can discover one of the richest lands in terms of culture. Lecce, San Cataldo, Merine, Acaya: these are just some of the names of the many places you can visit not far from their b&b. You will be immersed in the nature of the countryside with the opportunity to take alternative paths to the beach or in the Natural Reserve of Le Cesine. Asko b&b is born to support an orphanage for HIV-positive children in Asko, a suburb of Addis Abeba, in Ethiopia. One more reason to go choose it and meet the hosts Pierpaolo and Antonio!

In Italy culture is always nearby. Experience it through the eyes of our wonderful Human Destinations!

Ready to go? Discover our travels!

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