5 Human Destinations with special peculiarities #2

We have all grown up thinking that we can label what is normal. But are we sure that something is more normal than something else? Surely we are not the right people to decide normality standards, especially because what we really like is extravagance, that peculiarity that marks our being special.

The pleasure to know someone is also discovering their strangeness, their peculiarities and appreciate their deepest thoughts. This is why today I bring you to discover some Human Destinations who will surely amaze you as a child on the first day at school.

  • Annamaria and Andrea of Casa Bella have a deep passion: grape and vineyards. For more than 23 years now they have grown the vineyard and produced many products as grape juice, jelly cognac (using an ancient recipe) and of course wine, even if it is really particular. Between August and October you can find them working in the vineyard and you can taste their grape directly listening to the stories of the ancient building that once was a residence of the Pope.
  • In Tuscany we find two ‘healthy food’ lovers. Claudio and Silvia will host you at B&B Melograno Nano and they will accompany you through their path of Food Education to discover the importance of healthy and tasty food. Their association “Chicco di Riso” offers courses of Natural cooking, natural pastry making (with no sugar and gluten free) and courses of natural bread making.
  • We stay in Tuscany, but we go to Montaione where you will find Francesca and her family at Le Capanne. Thirty years of welcoming and deep love for their land have lead this family to dedicate completely to organic agriculture, in sinergy with local farms: you will be welcomed with a welcome cest rich of organic and biodynamic products from the local production. Francesca and her family are setting a little “Rural Museum” to keep all the testimonies of the country living in Tuscany: a little contribution to share values and traditions.
  • You can experiment a really unique experience with Sonia at La Casa dei Nonni. Only here you have the possibility to spend a night under the stars in a transparent tent in the hills of Marche: you will be overwhealmed by emotion watching the sunset and the starry sky.
  • In Umbria, with Lorenzo and Edi at Il Cardo you will enjoy the quiet, the fresh air and the silence, as in a true oasi of peace. They are ready to amaze you with their knowledge: Lorenzo is available for Pedagogy, Psychoanalysis, Ecology, English, contemporary art and archery lessons, while Edi, Architecture graduated, is ready to show you all the beauties and the peculiarities of Umbria.

Everyone in their own way, these Human Destinations offer something truly special and unique. Something that can leave an indelible watermark in your memories. Something that can make you decide to change your road and your life. There is no choice, it’s time to go!

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