‘Passeios na Toscana’ with Deyse

Deyse is from Brasil, where she was an advocate. The encounter with Italy and with the man who is now her husband have changed her life completely. Now, Deyse lives in Tuscany, where she is a tourist guide, and she shows this beautiful region to Brasilian people also through her blog, Passeios na Toscana, that has reached about 1 million views in 2015 and is the number one in Google Brasil.

In this interview Deyse tells us everything about her ‘first meeting’ with Italy and how this encounter has made a change in her life.deyse_oliveira_3

  1. What is the main thing you have been fascinated by when you first came to Italy?
    I’ve been surely impressed by art in Italy and Italian culture, this is why I have decided to study it in the course to become a tourist guide.
  2. What is, in your opinion, the most characteristic trait of Italian hospitality?
    In Italy there are still little, really welcoming B&Bs, where you can breath the typical Italian atmosphere.
  3. Which are the differences you have found in your relation with places and people as a tourist and as a resident in Italy?
    As a resident, I see too many commercial activities that sell too cheap, low quality products; products which are not typical and not Italian. This is the reason why today is is so difficult to find good homemade pasta and quality handicrafts. As a tourist, I didn’t see the difference and everything was new.deyse_oliveira_4
  4. Which are the advice you would give a traveller who wants to meet the authentic Italian spirit?
    Going to little villages (‘borghi’); finding a good tourist guide, not only to see works of art and visit the cities, but also to go back home knowing the history of the places and better understanding it; tasting the typical products of the small taverns; visiting few cities, but in a good way, with calm, to experience the good Tuscan living.
  5. If you travelled with Human Destination, which inspiration would you choose? Change, Spirituality, rurality or innovation?
    I would choose rurality, because I like immersing myself in the Nature.

As Deyse says, it is not so easy as a tourist to appreciate the true Italian culture and hospitality if not accompanied by special guides. If you want to find the authentic Italian spirit, three generations of people who live everyday a deep connection with their land, you will surely want to meet Francesca and her family at Le Capanne, a traditional Tuscan farmhouse. Tradition and innovation are the key words of this valuable reality that can be your next Human Destination. deyse_oliveira_1

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