5 Humans Destination to experience country living

Today we feel particularly active. We want to get our hands dirty and spend time outdoors, we want to take a challenge and experience life as a farmer.

We want to feel like our grandparents, who loved the land and the time spent in the fields. We want to try the satisfaction to pick and smell the fresh fruit and vegetables we have grown. Do you feel the same need? Follow us to meet some Human Destinations who can guide you!

  1. We start from a young couple in continue evolution: Stefania and Silverio welcome you at Azienda Agricola Naturale Calì, in Andria in Puglia, where you can experience the fast rhythms of their farm. You can take part to workshops where they teach how to self-produce bread with ancient grains, olive picking, extra virgin olive oil making and tasting, and paths about natural agriculture. You can also pick the eggs of their hens and shop at their FruttOrto.
  2. Now we move to Calabria, in Laino Borgo, where Giuseppe and Carlo of the Agriturismo La Quercia di Licari will be your guide in every phase of the day:  cure of the animals, cure of the vegetable garden, cooking lunch and dinner, wood harvest, paths maintenance, herbs picking. The Oak that names the farm is one of the biggest of this region and it is part of the Pollino National Park.
  3. Giulia is ready to welcome you at Country House Casale Centurione, in Manoppello in Abruzzo, where you will make a step into the past following her activities strictly bond with rural traditions: the workshops are focused on the vegetable garden, the olive grove, the vineyard, the wood and the traditional cooking. They also offer little tailor courses to learn to create tablecloths, centrepieces and aprons with traditional fabrics from Abruzzo and also workshops to create recycled furniture. Everything is set in a wonderful and freshly restored country house dated back to the Nineteenth Century.
  4. Now we go to Umbria, close to Perugia, where Filippo and his friends host you at Tribewanted Monestevole, a sustainable community the celebrates the best local traditions in the green heart of Italy. Here you can follow the routine of the farm and participate whenever you want: feed the animals, make soaps and essential oils, help in the garden or in the kitchen, olive picking, harvest the grapes. If you are really lazy, this is not the right place for you: everybody washes their plate!
  5. We finally arrive in Emilia, in Monte Pastore, not far from Bologna, where Paola is ready to show you her life at Cà del Buco. Cherries picking, workshops and activities. Ca’ del Buco is also an Educational Farm: here it is possible to take part to educational activities for families and children, have pic-nics in the stab and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Human Destination bring you back to Nature, a true experience to find the connection with the land.

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«Bisogna avere in sé il caos per partorire una stella danzante» sintetizza perfettamente la personalità di Federica: disordinata, alla perenne ricerca di un equilibrio (è pur sempre una bilancia, anche se atipica!), dotata di un’energia dirompente che trova nella creatività una valvola di sfogo perfetta. La sua sfida quotidiana è portare innovazione negli ambienti tradizionalmente più statici e lo fa coi suoi modi diretti e il suo cuore grande, e con questo stesso cuore si occupa della comunicazione di Destinazione Umana.