Eliana’s Diary: Matera 2015

All our Human Destinations have in common a deep love for their land. Wether it is the place that, after a long path, they have chosen, or the place where they have always lived, it doesn’t matter. They love it, they talk about it, they live all its aspects, also through the eyes of their guests, who make them always discover something new and unique.

The elf of L’Albero di Eliana for example, always remembers in her Diary that, without its roots, nothing would be the same.

While everybody talks about their city of the future, Eliana likes talking and living the present. So, after the one of the last month, she gives us another post about Matera. A lively city, full of positive energy, fascinating and collaborative, ancient and innovative. Just like Eliana.

These are some of the things offered by Matera NOW. And it is really a lot. This is why we suggest you to go there NOW.

Matera 2015

As I said in the last post, I like concentrating on the present as in this time I see a lot of attention to the future. For me Matera is now, here and alive, not only the Sassi, not only tourism.

I start from an example that happened a while ago, when Eva arrived at L’Albero. She is a Dutch woman, a guest, who teaches technology to children. As soon as she started to tell me about her job and her life, I couldn’t wait to tell her about the Open Lab Matera, an organization of Makers whose headquarters is in a really interesting place, C-Fara.

A group of young people with different background and education united with the aim to create a space where it would be possible to realize open source projects. Every month at Open Lab they organize a Coderdojo so the little ones have the possibility to learn to program in a funny way. We have suddenly made an appointment with them and Eva has been truly happy to have known the Open Lab Matera. C-Fra is a collective and a while ago we have launched the first experiment of urban gardening of Agri-Netural set on the terrace, a project that maps and realizes urban gardens in Matera.


Responsabile comunicazione

«Bisogna avere in sé il caos per partorire una stella danzante» sintetizza perfettamente la personalità di Federica: disordinata, alla perenne ricerca di un equilibrio (è pur sempre una bilancia, anche se atipica!), dotata di un’energia dirompente che trova nella creatività una valvola di sfogo perfetta. La sua sfida quotidiana è portare innovazione negli ambienti tradizionalmente più statici e lo fa coi suoi modi diretti e il suo cuore grande, e con questo stesso cuore si occupa della comunicazione di Destinazione Umana.