The true innovation is being ourselves

I have thought for weeks about this talk. If I felt not embarrassed, I would admit that I have thought about it for months, since last July, when I knew that I would have talked at  TEDx Bologna until the day I went on that stage.

I have thought about which would have been the best words to share with all of you our idea of value we have been asked to tell.

Effecively TED’s mission is this one:

creating “a community on one side of creative thinkers and innovative products that can offer inspiration to the community in Bologna and Italy and why not, the world and a free knowledge accessible to all for free. For we believe that the power of ideas can change the habits, people’s lives, and ultimately the world itself.

I have finished and started again this talk at least ten times (if I felt not embarrassed, I would say even more times), every time going from confidence to desperation every couple of minutes. Now I understand that the point is that when something is so much part of you, when you know everything about it, every little detail, you feel so happy and so scared at the same time that it is difficult to transmit this sensation.

Finally I did it. I could have surely talked in a better way to bewitch the 500 people who were there to listen and the thousands of people who will see this video. I would have wanted to be more at ease on the stage, not so static holding my own arm all the time, like I wanted to protect myself from the emotion. I would have liked to have a perfect red nail polish, not chipped as always.

I would have liked, but in that case I wouldn’t have been simply myself.

PS. A special thank you to everybody who have sustained me in those weeks before the talk and to the ones who were there that day: Valerio, SilviaB and Federica. I was scared to death but, at the same time, I was so grateful you were with me. Human Destination is really all of us.


Silvia è uno spirito creativo e inquieto, alla continua ricerca di tutto ciò che è colorato, scintillante e vivo. La troverete sempre circondata da idee, dolci, vestiti, pennarelli, esseri umani. Da buon capricorno è concreta e legata alla terra, ma lo spirito…beh, quello aspira sempre molto in alto, alla ricerca delle energie positive che muovono il mondo. È l’apripista di Destinazione Umana e ogni volta che annuncia di aver avuto una nuova idea, un brivido di meravigliosa curiosità corre lungo la schiena di tutto il team, perché una cosa è certa: se Silvia dice che una cosa verrà fatta, quella cosa VERRÁ FATTA.