Eliana’s Diary: Matera from the inside

We have met Eliana, Human Destination in Matera with her b&b L’Albero di Eliana, last week at the Human Destination’s Open Day in Rome, where we have been hosted by Federica in her lovely Bed&Bio.

Eliana has lovely big eyes and an open smile, she loves the city where she lives, Matera, and every month she tells us a story of hospitality and community.

Last month she told us about the Arcipelago SCEC, and today she tells us something more about Matera, seen through her big eyes, with a critical and yet positive point of view, the positivity of a person who believes and practice the art of hospitality.

Thank you Eliana! Enjoy your reading dear Human Destination travellers!

My city from the inside

Thinking about when Matera was not so well known makes me smile. When I was a University student, for example, if I said that I came from Matera, they barely knew in which region it was. Then, Mel Gibson gave it a bit of visibility and as it become part of the Unesco cultural heritage, many cultural and art events have put a focus on this city.

Matera was like a mistreated Cinderella, always in the shadows, but now it has to take part to the ball and it has to dress up and wear the high hills. Matera and its inhabitants are all attending to the great ball. Since that famous 17th October 2014, when Matera has been nominated European Capital of Culture 2019, so many things have changed. Before that, journalists, writers and travellers wrote about Matera and just some passionate readers loved it and came to visit.

After that 17th of October we have reached a record of 3 television shows per week set in the city. My sensation is that when something goes on the television, the impact is strong, we can see it, and many people come in the streets and in the squares and the services grow making a touristic city out of a normal city. It was different before.


Silvia è uno spirito creativo e inquieto, alla continua ricerca di tutto ciò che è colorato, scintillante e vivo. La troverete sempre circondata da idee, dolci, vestiti, pennarelli, esseri umani. Da buon capricorno è concreta e legata alla terra, ma lo spirito…beh, quello aspira sempre molto in alto, alla ricerca delle energie positive che muovono il mondo. È l’apripista di Destinazione Umana e ogni volta che annuncia di aver avuto una nuova idea, un brivido di meravigliosa curiosità corre lungo la schiena di tutto il team, perché una cosa è certa: se Silvia dice che una cosa verrà fatta, quella cosa VERRÁ FATTA.