What does Human Destination mean?

It is almost one year from the launch of Human Destination. It was the 26th of June.

If we watch back it seems years because of the amount of things which have happened: the Human Destinations which have entered our network have doubled and we have received hundreds of applications, hundreds of stories which are worth to be known.

But sometimes I still ask myself: is it clear what Human Destination is and the deep value it aims to promote? Even though we have been having many positive feedbacks, we don’t want to stop, we want to reach all the people, also those who are not searching for us.

But Human Destination is not a product, so it has not got a precise definition; as someone said during the presentation of the project the last June, Human Destination is what you make out of it.

So I decided to tell it to you again through the words of travellers and hosts who wanted to share with us their opinion about this new way of travelling.

Stefania Rossini – Pontevico (Lombardia):

Stefania Rossini

I believe that this network will change the lives of many people. It promotes beautiful realities and it has got an added value which goes beyond the aseptic aspect of the web: it creates human relations. I have personally met Francesca and Marco, the owners of the farm Il filo di Paglia; it has been a wonderful experience, we were immersed in the Nature and with a delicious cooking. I came back home full of energy and with three new friends (Francesca, Marco and their son Paolo). They are true friends for me, those friends you can talk about everything with and with whom I keep in daily contact. This is the world I would like to leave to my children. Thank you!

Selene Cassetta – Ferrara (Emilia Romagna):

selene cassetta

Leaving for a Human Destination is a trip which starts first of all inside ourselves. It means deciding to open our soul and walk towards other people, listening to their stories and let it be an incitement for our inner renovation.

Enrico Chiari – Pordenone (Friuli-Venezia-Giulia):


Human Destination draws people in the center of the picture. Places stay still and they don’t ask for anything. People move to find something and they give value to places. Sotries of travellers are always linked to the ones of the places where they stop. Human Destination tells this union.

Marta – Destinazione Umana @Fattoria Lara

Fattoria lara_3

We entered the network as we have had many difficulties to communicate a real message which could represent us using ‘conventional’ means of communication. When we have discovered ViviSostenibile and Human Destination we have realized that only joining other people who work as we do to create sustainable realities we would have become able to give a strong and clear message.

Giuliana – Destinazione Umana @B&B Due Gatti

due_gatti (2)

When I have read some pages on the website of Human Destination I have suddenly realized that I had found the right thing. I have read the stories of people who, as I did, have left everything to search for a more ‘human’ life, creating a B&B or a farm, and I felt at home, in a place that, even if it is virtual, gathers together people who love life as I do. The only thing I could do was entering the group. I’m little, but I hope to grow up also following the example of people who have done it before. I read the blog and the stories of my ‘virtual friends’ hoping to meet them all one day. For now, I love the help they give me everyday.

And I, how would I define it?

A simple INSPIRATIONAL GUIDE, not for places, but for people. I like thinking to Human Destination as a journey which is also personal growth, education and therapy for the soul. A trip which can make you dream and which can make traveller and hosts feel part of a big family that shares the same values.

Alessandro di Gregorio, the director of our next documentary-video, wirtes:

The protagonist and the spectator will have memories of a unique experience which is really different from the classic holiday, they will feel the sensation that changing is possible. It is all about us and how we will be able to become a human destination.
And you, do you want to leave for a Human Destination?




Silvia è uno spirito creativo e inquieto, alla continua ricerca di tutto ciò che è colorato, scintillante e vivo. La troverete sempre circondata da idee, dolci, vestiti, pennarelli, esseri umani. Da buon capricorno è concreta e legata alla terra, ma lo spirito…beh, quello aspira sempre molto in alto, alla ricerca delle energie positive che muovono il mondo. È l’apripista di Destinazione Umana e ogni volta che annuncia di aver avuto una nuova idea, un brivido di meravigliosa curiosità corre lungo la schiena di tutto il team, perché una cosa è certa: se Silvia dice che una cosa verrà fatta, quella cosa VERRÁ FATTA.