What would you do if you were not scared?

What would you do if you were not scared?

This is the question on the manifesto of ViviSostenibile on the walls of our office at COB, in Bologna.

What would you do if you were not scared? I would be a dancer. Not as a job. I love my job. But if I were not scared to seem weird, I would start dancing. Maybe everyday, maybe in the office, to go beyond the bounds of my comfort zone.

If I were not scared I would start a solo trip, as our testimonial Cristian tells in his blog MotivandoMe. I would go to Paris (again?!!!!), alone. Or maybe I would go to another place I have never thought about. In a place I feel attracted to, breaking the bounds of the beautiful, comfortable, easy, known. If I were not scared to loose myself, or maybe of what I could find. “Go in a place where you would not go, make something you would not make”.

If I were not scared..but scared of what? I’ve read somewhere that being brave does not mean being not scared. Someone recently has told me that being scared is normal, because we are human. I had to talk in front of a bunch of people, talk about Human Destination: I was scared. When it was time I’ve started talking, that’s it. And while I was talking I was not scared, because I was already doing what I wanted to.

What would you do if you were not scared?

Someone maybe would search for inspiration and start travelling.

I have noticed one thing: the concept of travelling is often connected to the concept of bravery or fear. The concept of travelling as a start, as a path, as a destination, especially when you don’t know where you will arrive.

What would you do if you were not scared?

I don’t know what you would do, but maybe there are some things we all would do.

There is a mirror where we would look into our own eyes, where we can’t lie.

There is a person we would talk to.

There is a long road we would drive along, or run.

There is a (human) destination that waits for us. Or maybe one we would go back to.

There is a project we have not realized (yet).

There is something we would let go. As a balon.

There is someone we would say sorry to, or maybe someone we would thank.

There is a dress we would wear.

A name we would cal.

What we would all do if we were not scared?

And if we would just do it, without saying that we ‘would like to’?



Silvia è uno spirito creativo e inquieto, alla continua ricerca di tutto ciò che è colorato, scintillante e vivo. La troverete sempre circondata da idee, dolci, vestiti, pennarelli, esseri umani. Da buon capricorno è concreta e legata alla terra, ma lo spirito…beh, quello aspira sempre molto in alto, alla ricerca delle energie positive che muovono il mondo. È l’apripista di Destinazione Umana e ogni volta che annuncia di aver avuto una nuova idea, un brivido di meravigliosa curiosità corre lungo la schiena di tutto il team, perché una cosa è certa: se Silvia dice che una cosa verrà fatta, quella cosa VERRÁ FATTA.